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[政治] 黃毓民回應白韻琹被滋擾事件

2010.05.12 INT 獨家訪問 黃毓民 回應 白韻琹 被滋擾事件

[轉載/Youtube] May 12, 2010 — 2010.05.12 - INT Exclusive Raymond Yuk-man WONG commented on the incident at Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, in which WONG's rival Pamela PECK was heckled.

Apart from Raymond Yuk-man WONG, there are SEVEN other candidates standing for the Universal Suffrage Referendum in the Kowloon West Constituency on 16 May 2010. However, INT has not managed to interview the remaining candidates. The candidates are listed as follows:
除 黃毓民 外,九龍西選區仍有七名候選人參與在二零一零年五月十六日舉行的 「五區爭普選公投」,但 獨立新聞傳訊 暫時未能與下列候選人接觸,接受訪問:

LAM, Yi-lai 林依麗
CHEUNG, Kam-hung Kenneth 張錦雄
WONG, Weng-chi 黃永志
PECK, Wan-kam Pamela 白韻琹
KWOK, Shiu-ming 郭兆明
SHEA, Kai-chuen 佘繼泉
CHIANG, Sai-Cheong 蔣世昌

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